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Partial and Complete Dentures in Cranston, RI

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What Are Dentures?

Personalized dentures are a convenient method for replacing missing teeth. These helpful pieces could make it more convenient to talk and chew with confidence and can renew the appearance of your teeth following tooth loss. Our team designs full and partial removable and implant-held dentures for adults of all ages in Cranston, RI. Single-arch dentures replace all of the teeth in the top arch, lower arch, or both, whereas partial dentures are offered when a few of the natural teeth still remain intact in the mouth. At Dr. Matrullo & Associates, our staff can help you determine whether removable or implant-held dentures are right for your aims and have them made custom to provide an attractive look and cozy fit. Call us for your denture assessment at Dr. Matrullo & Associates today.

What are the Benefits of Partial and Complete Dentures?

There are several benefits to choosing partial or full dentures as a tooth replacement option in Cranston, RI:

  • Improved ability to talk and chew: Dentures can restore functionality to your mouth, making it easier to speak and eat comfortably.
  • Enhanced appearance: Missing teeth can impact your overall appearance. Dentures can help fill in gaps and give you a natural-looking smile.
  • Easy to maintain: Dentures from Dr. Matrullo & Associates are easy to clean and maintain at home, making them a convenient option for tooth replacement.
  • Customizable options: With full or partial dentures, you have the ability to choose the color, shape, and size of your teeth for a personalized look.
  • Long-lasting solution: With proper care, dentures can last for many years, providing a long-term solution for missing teeth.

what are the Types of Dentures?

Adapting to each patient's specific needs is a top priority to us, which is why our Cranston, RI staff provides several personalized denture solutions for tooth replacement:

  • Detachable bridge-style dentures replace empty gaps left by a single tooth or several missing teeth. They are kept in their location by inconspicuously hooking to nearby teeth.
  • Removable full dentures restore a complete top or bottom arch and are retained by the natural contour of the jawbone or an oral adhesive.
  • Implant-supported dentures restore several or a full arch of teeth. These restorations attach to oral posts in the jaw for increased sturdiness.
  • Immediate complete dentures are used as soon as the real teeth are taken out. The fit of these pieces can be altered as the gum tissues heal.
  • Conventional full dentures are placed when teeth have previously been extracted, and the oral cavity is fully healed.

What Is the Denture Process?

One of our professionals will start the restoration process by taking digital or physical impressions of the top and bottom arches. These impressions will then be relayed to our partnering dental lab; from there, they will make your individualized dentures. Single-arch and partial dentures are made with light resin, which could be reinforced by a metal inner structure. Created with high-grade biocompatible substances, dentures are intended to replicate the appearance of native teeth and gum tissues. As soon as your appliances are crafted and sent to Dr. Matrullo & Associates, we will ask you to follow up for a fitting appointment. Dr. Matrullo & Associates will alter your appliances so they fit cozily or connect them to previously placed titanium implants. Our staff will also review the proper techniques to clean your new dentures.

Genuine compassion, true expertise & professionalism has been my consistent experience for over 3 decades w/ Dr. Joe & his entire team. I’m very sincere when I share, they are truly the absolute BEST! Not once, not twice, not three times, etc., but absolutely, each & every time I’ve needed them for 30+ years, I’ve been accommodated & treated w/ nothing less than smiles, comfort, relief, resolution, & true compassion. Rhonda (Dr. Joe’s right hand medical assistant) & Dr. Joe have a combined & amazing way (that I don’t think they are consciously aware of), but of talking you thru & comforting you as they proceed w/ literally… Yikes!! Yes! A freaking surgical root/nerve involved dental procedure. Besides, the initial numbing needle (even that was minimal), Dr. Joe speaks to you every step of the way in a soothing, almost meditative voice w/ reassurance you are fine, telling you exactly what he’s doing, what you’ll feel (i.e. “pressure, but not sharp pain, & if you do, he & Rhonda are laser focused, watching you, attuned & listening). Rhonda is always at your side providing reassurance w/ a gentle touch of pressure on your shoulder to let you know she’s there & focused. She’s genuinely kind and admirable. Michelle (whom I personally believe, is the front office expert & true matriarch of the entire practice) w/ her expertise, warmth, & welcome is always a pleasure. Michele has superior insurance processing skills, & if you need her, she’s gotcha. If you feel horrible upon arrival, I promise she’ll make you feel better. I most recently, experienced horrific mouth/tooth pain, & thought I might have to cancel an upcoming, long overdue & previously paid in full vacation abroad. From the time I called Dr. Joe’s Office, until I had complete relief & total resolution, it was less than 2.5 hours (including my 45 minute commute to Dr. Joe’s office because I currently live on the CT line, but I’d never consider seeing anyone else). This particular day happened to be a half day for Dr. Joe & team. The office literally worked thru lunch time, & while I know they won’t admit it, I know they stayed late for me w/ no gripes whatsoever, no frowns, & from start to finish, nothing but genuine smiles, & compassion. I’m beyond grateful, & I feel so fortunate. If you don’t currently experience the same amazing care from your dental provider, I highly encourage you to reach out to Matrullo & Associates. With so much gratitude to Michele, Rhonda, & Dr. Joe, Deb Montanaro

D.M. Google

Dr Matrullo has been my dentist of choice for years. The staff is friendly and professional. Dr Matrullo is a very busy man but when I need help he sees me asap. They are incredibly fast and make sure to match color on any fillings that are visible.

B. Google

Dr Matrullo has been my dentist of choice for years. The staff is friendly and professional. Dr Matrullo is a very busy man but when I need help he sees me asap. They are incredibly fast and make sure to match color on any fillings that are visible.

J.P. Google

Hands down the best practice in RI! These guys are amazing at what they do, and I couldn’t recommend them more. Every experience has been wonderful, and I’ve been going to them for over a decade!

S.M. Google

I love Dr Matrullo.. I recommend him to everyone. I wouldn't go anywhere else. The staff is great as well.

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Revitalize Your Smile

Find the capability to eat, speak to different people, and smile comfortably after tooth loss when you get a custom tooth replacement option. Dr. Matrullo & Associates is excited to provide full or partial removable and implant-held dentures to their patients in Cranston, RI. To learn more about the ways dentures could revitalize your smile, schedule a consultation at Dr. Matrullo & Associates.

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How do I choose between removable and implant-held dentures?

Choosing between removable and implant-held dentures is a significant decision for many patients. At Dr. Matrullo & Associates, we assist you in making this choice based on several factors, including your lifestyle, jawbone health, and personal preference. During your consultation, we'll discuss the advantages of each option to determine the best fit for your needs.

Can dentures improve my overall oral health?

Patients often wonder about the impact of dentures on their overall oral health. The answer is positive. Both partial and complete dentures not only enhance your smile aesthetically but also improve oral functionality. By replacing missing teeth, dentures help distribute biting forces evenly, preventing excessive wear on remaining natural teeth. Additionally, they support facial muscles and structures, reducing the risk of sagging facial tissues. 

Will my speech be affected by wearing dentures?

A common concern for new denture wearers is the potential impact on speech. Initially, some adjustments in speaking may be necessary as you get accustomed to your new dentures. However, most patients quickly adapt, and speech typically improves with practice. At Dr. Matrullo & Associates, we offer guidance on how to adapt to your dentures quickly, ensuring a smooth transition.

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